Installing a New Summer Fence!

Summer is finally here and your backyard may be beautiful and ready to play, but if privacy is a concern it’s time for a new summer fence! Whether you’re planning a new installation or switching out an old, broken down fence, here are a few things to consider.


For every new fence, the style and materials you choose will depend upon your budget. Your fencing choices range from the familiar chain link and wood to vinyl and composite to steel and aluminum. Chain link fences have been around in the United States since the early 20th century, offering customizable options and low maintenance but offer low privacy. Ultimately, your best choice all around is vinyl. Vinyl doesn’t fade in the sun independent of color, it can withstand any temperature, does everything a tall wood fence does, doesn’t buckle in the heat, and is low maintenance in upkeep and cleaning.

Maintaining Your New Summer Fence

All fences require routine maintenance, no matter what the season. Independent of your fence type, it’s important to check it regularly for things like wobbly posts, damaged hardware, or rust spots depending on your type of fence. Wooden fence posts warp and move, metal expands and rusts, and even vinyl fencing should be washed one occasion. Be careful using a pressure washer, however. While it may seem like the fastest, most efficient way of cleaning, it could cause damage to the vinyl.

Other important maintenance factors to consider are how the landscape interacts with your fence and being mindful of your fences’ condition. Constant inspection is the best way to keep your fence durable and functional for its longest possible use. Your landscape may also affect the condition of your fencing. Weeds and tree roots grow and spread, which could change the integrity of your fenceposts and material.

New Summer Fence

Whatever your fencing needs, Vinyl Rail Depot has everything you need to expertly install your own long lasting, always beautiful vinyl fencing or railing. From privacy fences to porch railings and more – make summer special with a new fence for beauty, safety, and privacy!

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