Why Add A New Fence To Your Home This Spring?

Spring has arrived and you want to add value to your home’s outdoor space. Why not install a new vinyl fence from Vinyl Rail?


When most people think of a fence, they think of a split rail wooden fence or picket fence that adds to your homes’ beauty and security. That fence will usually last you around 15 years, but up to 20 years and beyond with proper maintenance.

But what if you’re not on top of your maintenance? Wood is very susceptible to rot and while sturdy, it’s not as strong as some of the other materials in the market. PVC may be your cheapest option, but nothing beats vinyl. Vinyl will easily last longer than 30 years without nearly as much maintenance as a wood structure. It is easily cleaned with a pressure washer, and is stronger than wood in case of a storm, debris, and other factors that could knock down your new fence. While you’re not required to use concrete while installing your new vinyl fence, it’s important to know that the support needs of your fence do not change. Regardless, concrete offers long-term stability, resistance to erosion, soil setting, and soil upheaval, and helps your posts remain aligned and stable.

Spring and Summer Benefits

Other than benefits, a good, high value fencing like vinyl fencing can help raise the curb appeal of your home. One of the best times for buying and selling a home is during the spring and summer seasons. 

While most of us try not to judge things by face value, there’s something to be said about curb appeal.

spring vinyl fence

Fencing also includes some advantages you may not have considered past privacy, containment of animals and children, and security. Vinyl fencing is in itself a design element. Attractive, well constructed fencing adds to your homes’ appeal whether it’s a 6-foot privacy fence or a nice picket line with wildflowers decorating your property line. Tall fencing also reduces noise in busy areas. A solid 8-foot-high fence reduces 6 to 10 decibels off of surrounding noise.

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