Our 2023 Railing and Fencing Recap

2022 was another year full of innovation, new trends, and successful projects. As we look forward to 2023, we recap the past year while gearing up for the new year ahead.

2022 Recap

2022 was full of exciting fencing and railing trends and as we recap this past year, we look for future trends with excitement. This year we learned about fence and railing matching trends, geometric design trends, and fence trends that support sustainable and farm-to-table efforts with vertical gardens. We also informed our clients of the merits of VIP fencing, using quality railing with new decking, and railing accessories such as plants, lighting, posts, and more.  


2023 Trends

With life becoming ever more taxing, creating time to unwind and relax is important. Your garden can be your secret sanctuary and become a wellness retreat in your own home. Having an outdoor space with a quality privacy fence is indispensable in 2023. Privacy fences will continue to thrive in 2023, and vinyl fences are a great option. Generally a more cost-effective option, vinyl privacy fences can be a great choice if you’re budget-conscious. It’s also a low-maintenance option, great for anyone who doesn’t have hours to spend on the upkeep of the yard. Then it’s all about adding to your rail or fence. Dress up a dull fence by planting a garden right along the fence line. Add some accessories to your new fence to spice up your outdoor space even more. You could hang a mirror or lights from it and add shelves to hold drinks or candles. Continue to enjoy your backyard with outdoor lighting as evening rolls around. Install in-ground or stake lights along your fence line to add a soft glow along the perimeter of your property. Purchase a few railing planters to install along your fence. Perfect for seasonal plantings, these also add life and visual interest to the structure. However you choose to decorate, you can trust that your vinyl fence will outlast all trends and remain sturdy for years!

Thank you to all of our clients who supported us through 2022. From the Vinyl Rail team, we’re fortunate for your business and excited for what the new year will bring for us. From new railing and fencing designs that redefine homes to easy systems that make it easy for you to DIY exciting weekend projects, we’ll be there every step of the way. 

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