Accessories For Your Vinyl Fence

Homeowners find no buyers remorse from installing new vinyl fence, but how can you take your new fence to the next level? Accessories! Accessories can be added to a vinyl fence to enhance the outdoor living space with decorative solar lighting, plant hangers, artistic decor, and garden enclosures.

Lighting Accessories

Light up your yard with elegant lighting. Fence post lighting works for both vinyl fencing and railing to bring a soft and romantic glow to your property. As the sun drops below the horizon, solar LED lighting options emanate a soft light that add distinction and charm to your landscaping through dusk and into the night. Most vinyl fence lighting options screw directly into the vinyl fencing material!

Hook Accessories

A vinyl fence can certainly be used to hang lightweight plants and decor. However, if the item is excessive in weight, consult your vinyl fence manufacturers’ load capacity. If necessary, consider adding additional reinforcement to the post and rails. If you’ve installed your fence and railing well, add planter bodes, hanging flower pots, hanging lights, and more. Vinyl Fences can break or chip like any other construction material. Poor installation or a highly volatile impact can damage a vinyl fence irreparably. Be aware how high speed wind, wrong installation, busy roads, rocks, and other projectiles may affect the structure of your fence or rail. Otherwise, your creativity can go as high as these hooks can hold.

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Vinyl Fence Lattice

Many varieties of ivy can climb virtually anything. A vinyl fence with lattice work offers an excellent backdrop for ivy, grapes, and other creeping plants. To encourage the shaping of ivy growth, homeowners can install ivy lattice systems directly to the vinyl fencing. Decorative ivy lattice makes a great accent but for homeowners who don’t want to deal with the potential ivy takeover risks and near-permanent attachment of ivy rootlets to their vinyl fencing, faux ivy latticing is a great alternative.

Whatever your vinyl fence accessory needs, Vinyl Rail Depot has the parts, fence posts, fence sections, and accessory attachments for a complete, beautiful yard!

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